On the backbone of the nation’s economy and the heart of the area businesses, you will find a chamber of commerce.  Celebrating and promoting the diversity and uniqueness of their communities, chambers of commerce form the fabric of America.

Our mission statement…

Entrusted with promoting an economic environment that engages opportunities with investors for the advancement of the Delphos Area

What is a Chamber?

Chambers of commerce are business associations, generally incorporated as a 501(c) (6).  Chambers of commerce are not part of local, state, or federal government, though chambers do often partner with government to accomplish the chamber mission.

The Delphos Area Chamber of Commerce is funded by membership dues as well as non-dues revenue which we generate through events, sponsorships, contracts, in addition to sales of various products and services.

What this Chamber does for YOU?

The Chamber of commerce is the business community working together.  It is the central agency that corrals the forces of the community for its improvement and development: in business and industry.  Together, the chamber does what no person can do by him or herself.

A New Business Partner

Here at the Delphos Area Chamber of Commerce, we would like to be considered your most valuable, yet lowest paid employee; taking as much interest as a partner but leaving you to be the boss.  Many business and professional executives voluntarily work on committees work to improve your business opportunities and living enjoyment.

Another Pair of Eyes, Hands and a Voice

Each year, we answer hundreds of inquiries relative to every imaginable question concerning the city and our area.  These inquiries would go unanswered if there were no Chamber of commerce.  The goodwill and accurate information furnished has an incalculable value to the Delphos area.  As Delphos’s only business organization working full-time, we look at and attend to many details of making our area an even better place to work and live.

A Tireless Salesperson

The Chamber serves as a clearinghouse of information needed by prospective industrialists, visitors, potential residents, and area businesses who are interested in learning more about the area.

An Expeditor

In serving the businesses of the area, the Chamber is devoted to activities designed to create more community wealth.  As payrolls are expanded and more jobs created, everyone stands to benefit from the growth.  More people, more sales opportunities, more money, more tax revenue and the resulting increased services all add to making the Delphos area an even better place to live and make a living.

A Necessary Business Investment

In the same relationship to your business as rent, lighting, advertising, and payroll; your membership investment should never be considered a contribution.