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Business Classifications

Part-Time/Individual $105.00 v ~part-time, seasonal, home-based, sole proprietors, non-profits up to 4 employees, individuals with no business affiliation, churches, service clubs/organizations with non-paid staff

Retail/Small Business $155.00 v ~2 or more employees (up to 99), retail, restaurants, city, village, township, government, non-profits (>4 employees)

Professional $165.00 v ~accountants, financial planners, employment agencies, attorneys, insurance, small medicine, real estate, stock brokers, funeral directors, education

Business Class -Financial/Industrial/Utility $265.00 v ~banks, savings & loans, credit unions, utility, hotel, motel, industrial, advertising/media, higher education, or 100+ employees

Further-Defined: •Utility-gas, phone, power, cable, waste •Educational-public/parochial schools, child care centers •Higher Education-colleges, universities, career-tech

*2 part-time employees =1 full-time employee

Note: Business Classifications may be changed at the discretion of the Chamber

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